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Product Update: Customizable Dashboards (04.28.2014)

NEW! Customizable Dashboards w/ Express 2.0

With new customizable dashboards in Euclid Express, get fast relevant reporting on what your business cares about most. Check out a quick tutorial here.




  • A spiffy new look and feel for a clearer view of your business

  • No changes to existing features:

    • Standard Data Monitor views: Real-time, Last Week, This Week

    • Tools: Compare Stores and basic Express Export

  • New customizable dashboards

    • Choose to view your business your way

    • Select the metrics most relevant across any time period

    • Add in your own sales and traffic data for a 360 view of performance

    • Create as many dashboards as you need

      • Different dashboards for different business groups (marketing/operations/executive)

      • And for different roles (by store, by entire network)



Key Features of Customizable Dashboard

The new Euclid Express combines essential visitor metrics with the ability to create custom views and tie in key business metrics like sales and traffic. Monitor your business’s vital signs with these features:

  • Create unlimited custom dashboards

  • Choose the metrics most relevant to your business and organize how they are displayed

  • Dynamically filter the information based on time period, comparison period, and locations

  • Analyze sales, data and traffic data side-by-side with customer behavior data from each of your locations

  • All in addition to existing data monitoring, compare stores and export tools from Euclid Express v1.0.



  • Get fast feedback on vital trends and identify opportunities

  • Connect the dots between sales performance and customer response

  • Focus on what matters: Custom tailor views for your business and role

  • React faster to important events and improve performance


Get Going Today

View a demo on how to get going with Euclid’s customizable dashboards here.

If you haven’t activated Euclid Express yet, get smarter now at no cost. If you’re an existing customer, enjoy the new look and rich features starting today!




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