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Reports Feature Questions

What is the Reports feature?

What is the difference between a “Location” and “Time” Spreadsheet type?




What is the Reports feature?

The reports feature generates a spreadsheet that allows the user to download reports on all dashboard metrics across all locations. Reports are downloaded in csv format.


What is the difference between a “Location” and “Time” Spreadsheet type?

Location spreadsheets display the chosen metrics for each selected location for the entire duration of the date range. The first column in a location spreadsheet will list the name of the locations, and the subsequent columns display the metrics indicating each location’s performance over that time period.

Time spreadsheets display an aggregate of the chosen metrics on a daily or weekly basis within the selected date range. The first three columns in a time spreadsheet will list period start date, period end date, and days in period (to identify partial periods), and the subsequent columns will display the metrics associated with those time periods (days or weeks).




What do I do if my question/issue is not answered anywhere on the knowledge base?

Please file a support ticket and a representative will respond to you shortly.

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