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Activation Guide

Quick Start Activation – Cisco Mobility Services APIs for the Euclid Analytics Services

The Cisco Mobility Services Engine (MSE) provides a SOAP/XML or REST based Mobility Services API that allows for third party applications and services, such as Euclid Analytics Services, to subscribe to the MSE’s location data notifications for wired/wireless clients, tags and access points reported within a Cisco Unified Wireless Network (CUWN).

The Cisco MSE and the Mobility Services API support numerous Mobility Services from an H/W Appliance or Virtual Machine (VM) configuration and as of Release v8.0 (Dec. 2014) the Cisco Service Offerings include: Cisco Connected Mobile Experience (CMX), Cisco RTLS/CCX RFID Tag Services, Wireless Intrusion Protection Service (WiPS), Mobile Concierge, CMX Analytics Services (formerly Thinksmart), CMX Connect (social media connector) and the HTTP Proxy Service.

This document covers the quickest way to get started with Euclid Services - leveraging the data exchange with the Cisco MSE by means of the Mobility Services API. Euclid Services require the only the basic CMX Location capability (basic location) and not the Advanced Location or Advanced CMX License.

  • The current tested/compatible license version is Prime 2.1 with MSE v8.0, v7.6. and CUWN Controller Code v7.6.

Euclid Activation Steps:

  1. Customer submits an activation request to Euclid at the top of the Euclid knowledge base home page (URL: In the request, include the floor map meta data, as well as the location information and AP MAC addresses in the attached store list.
    1. To retrieve floor map meta data:
      1. Navigate to https://{mse-ip}:{mse-port}/api/contextaware/v1/maps.json                 (Replace bracketed information in the URL with the IP address and port for the MSE. Omit port information if using standard https port.))
      2. Login with  MSE username and password
      3. Copy/paste the contents of the page and submit with activation request

If able to provide MSE username/password, customer is able to skip these steps. If using multiple MSEs, request must include username/password for each MSE, identified by URL path.

  1. Customer logs into the MSE on his/her premise and points the MSE to the Euclid Cloud.
    1. Navigate to http://{mse-ip}/mseui (Replace {mse-ip} with MSE IP address)
    2. Go to: Settings > Context Awareness Service > Subscriptions > Add Subscription
    3. In the web UI, configure two subscriptions as follows; make sure to choose HTTP and JSON formats for both
      1. Configure a notification of the Cisco floor map data
        1. Input your company name (alphanumeric and underscores only; no spaces or special characters) in the Name and URL Path fields
        2. Select Map Change in the Stream Type field

    1. Configure a notification of the raw location data
        1. Input your company name (alphanumeric and underscores only; no spaces or special characters) in the Name and URL Path fields
        2. Select Raw Location under the Stream Type field

  1. Euclid initiates the feed of data from the MSE to the Euclid cloud.
  2. Once the final activation step is completed, Euclid provides instructions on logging into the dashboard.
    • Data and sensor status will be immediately available.
    • To receive multiple logins or store specific logins, please send an email request to Euclid support -



Additional Cisco Information (Please consult Cisco for most current guidelines)

Cisco MSE S/W Release Notes:
8.0 Releases
7.6 Releases
Updated Cisco Licensing Practices as applicable to Euclid Services:

Per Client/STA Licensing Conversion to Per AP Licensing:

Client and wIPS licenses are installed from the Prime Infrastructure UI (Administration > License Center).

See, Chapter 2: "Adding and Deleting Mobility Services Engines and Licenses" in the Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences Configuration Guide, Release 7.6, Cisco Wireless Intrusion Prevention System, Release 7.6, and Cisco Location Analytics Configuration Guide, Release 7.6 respectively.  In support of Euclid Services, basic “Location Services Licenses per AP” are adequate.

For complete details on ordering, converting and downloading licenses, see the Cisco Mobility Services Engine Licensing and Ordering Guide:

Cisco Developer Network (CDN) and DevNet Community Forum for use of Mobility Services API:

Baseline Cisco MSE Platforms:

* For most recent MSE software versions & downloads (appropriate License Keys required):



Please see the Cisco FAQs for more questions.


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