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Top FAQs

1. How do I add another location to my dashboard?

If you would like to expand your BT Wi-FI Insight activation to additional locations across your business, please contact your Business Manager or Sales Manager and follow the same activation instructions used to activate your initial location(s). In your request, please provide the location name, address, AP MAC addresses, and location hierarchy and zoning classifications (if applicable).


2. How do I add a new user?

A new user account can be added in the admin portal (only available to company administrator). If you are an administrator, navigate to the admin portal in the top-righthand corner of the dashboard, select "add new user" and follow the instructions. If you are not an administrator, please contact your internal admin (contact information can also be found in the admin portal).


3. I am unable to login to my account. How can I reset my password?

If you cannot remember your password please click the "I forgot my password" link on the dashboard login page. Your company's admin user can also generate an email with a link to reset your password.


4. How do I activate zoning?

Please contact your BT Business Manager or Sales Manager to discuss an activation of the zoning feature. Zoning is included in the Advanced product only.


5. How do I upgrade to BT Wi-Fi Insight or BT Wi-Fi Insight Advanced?

Please contact your your BT Business Manager or Sales Manager to upgrade your account and enable the additional features in your existing dashboard.


6. How do I integrate my other datasets into my dashboard?

Insight Basic users have can upload data, such as POS data or traffic count data, directly into the dashboard on the import page. Click on “import data” under the dropdown menu in the top-righthand corner of the dashboard and follow the instructions to upload your data.

Insight and Insight Advanced users also have the option to set up an automated transfer of data via SFTP. Please contact support for instructions.


7. Does the visitor count number include the staff members in my locations?

BT Wi-Fi Insight's algorithms can determine which devices belong to staff members and exclude them from the visitor count. BT Wi-Fi Insight examines the duration and frequency of Wi-Fi signals from devices to determine which devices need to be eliminated from the dashboard. For example, in a retail setting devices that are detected for 3 or more days out of the last 10 days with a duration of 2 or more hours are filtered out as staff.


8. How does Euclid determine which devices are is inside vs. outside my locations?

BT Wi-Fi Insight's algorithms can determine which devices are visitors inside of a location and which devices are walk-bys outside a location. BT Wi-Fi Insight examines the signal strength, duration and frequency of Wi-Fi signals from devices to programmatically determine which devices are visitors in a wide variety of physical environments.

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